Dr Seepage, is a dynamic industry leader providing professional, cost efficient, timely and most importantly specialist service to clients who face problems with leakage anywhere in the home.

Seepage problems may initially look minor and superficially unpleasant, but left unresolved will develop into a costly issue and affect the underlying value of the property. More importantly it can also be a hidden hazard! It has been known to cause short circuit (e.g. potential fire risk), accidents (e.g. spalling concrete) / collapsed false ceiling) and etc.

Company objective

Our Commitment is:

  • To diagnose the source of the problem accurately and have it rectified in the shortest possible time.
  • To provide a comprehensive one stop solution for clients. From start to finish, we are able to do hacking, replacement of pipe, re-tiling, re-painting etc.
  • To set the highest possible standard of specialist service in the industry.